Light Frappuccino Recipe

10 Aug

It’s hot today (we’re talking 89 degrees at 7:00 this morning); my normal cup of hot coffee was not sounding at all appealing.  A nice cold frappuccino from Starbucks sounded about right this morning, so I pulled this recipe from my coffee stash board.  Originally posted by Mallory Lott from LaaLoosh.  This recipe promised to be 2 minutes away from a delectable, guilt-free coffee experience.  Disappointment ensues.



2 tbsp instant coffee granules (regular or decaf)
2 tbsp fat free vanilla flavored coffee creamer, powdered
1/2 cup fat free milk
8-10 ice cubes

Blend and enjoy.
I do not own powdered coffee creamer.  I find the whole idea of  powdered creamer insulting to true coffee-drinkers–who wants powdered “milk” floating around on the top of their delicious morning courage?  I replaced the powdered creamer with CoffeeMate low-fat French Vanilla creamer.  I also added two tsps of sugar (I like my coffee light and sweet–flavor to your taste, I assumed).  Luckily, I had instant coffee (Coffeehouse) lying around, thanks to my mother-in-law who bought some while Mike’s folks were visiting 🙂
Sorry it’s a little blurry–my iPhone has not been taking great pictures lately)
I added all the ingredients together in my blender, and got a sick looking mixture:
Mix, mix, and mixed again.  (seriously 4 minutes of blending.  Perhaps I’ll pull out my never-used Magic Bullet the next time I try a blended drink).  Eventually, I got this:
The color looked right and the consistency (finally) looked correct; pour into an 8oz glass and….what?!   If that’s a grande, my whole perception has changed.  I feel like the recipe is actually for a standard “tall” from Starbucks, but the blurb on the blog is a bit misleading.
Mike’s Opinion:
Taste: 2/5
Presentation: 4/5
Notes: It looks good, but the flavor is dodgy.  There’s a weird aftertaste that I am not a fan of, and I feel like the whole thing is off.  It doesn’t taste like anything I’ve ever had from Starbucks, so the  name, if nothing else, is not correct.
Jen’s Opinion:
Taste: 2/5
Presentation: 4/5
Ease of Preparation: 5/5
Ease of cleanup: 5/5
Availability of ingredients: 5/5
I agree with Mike that the flavor is off and the aftertaste is bizarre.  It might be that 2 tbs is too much coffee (**gasp**) or perhaps there isn’t enough sugar for my taste.  I can barely taste the vanilla and I can’t identify the flavor that’s left in my mouth as anything other than dreadful.  I’m less than pleased that my track record of trying “healthy” versions of foods is once again finding those foods tasting awful and making terrible substitutions for the real deal.
This recipe definitely calls for some tweaking before I’d recommend it to anyone.
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