Chicken and Dumplings in Crock Pot

02 Jul

Cracker Barrel Chicken and Dumplings are an all-time favorite in this house, so when I found a copy-cat recipe on Tiffany Butterworth’s page from Tasty Kitchen, I just had to give it a go.


2 cups Flour
½ teaspoons Baking Powder
1 pinch Salt
2 Tablespoons Butter
1 cup Milk, A Bit Less Than A Full Cup
2 quarts Chicken Broth
3 cups Cooked Chicken

Unfortunately, (thankfully), no photographs were taken of the process, but I can promise you the kitchen had a dose of white from all the flour.  I’ve never been very good at using a rolling pin, and this recipe reminded me of why I keep it hidden in the bottom drawer.  Overall though, it wasn’t as difficult as I originally thought it would be.  I think I would add some poultry seasoning or some Adobo to the dumplings next time, as they tasted a little too bland for my liking.


Mike’s opinion:
Taste: 5/5
Presentation: 5/5
Notes: The gravy was delicious, but the dumplings needed a little more flavor.

Jen’s opinion:
Taste: 4/5
Presentation: 5/5
Ease of preparation: 4/5
Ease of cleanup: 3.5/5
Availability of ingredients: 4.5/5

This one is a keeper!

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